CQC Statement on Covid19 Virus - Canceling April 2020 Meeting

We have decided to cancel the meeting scheduled for Apri; 2020.  If you have exposed to or traveled to areas effected by the Coronavirus, please consider the health of yourself and others by staying home. This also applies to other illnesses ranging from a colds to the flu. Please check back before attending anything to see if there are changes. Please check with local guilds for any information on their meetings or events.

You may give all year long. Please donate this holiday season to keep the art of quilting alive and growing in Colorado.


  • Quit-a-Fair quilt show entry form: QAF 2020 QUILT SHOW ENTRY FORM
  • Membership dues beginning in July 2018 are $25 with the newsletter online and $35 for mailed newsletters.  Membership dues are for a full 12 month year.  Pin replacement is $25.  Guest fees are $10 per meeting.
  • Check out the addition to the Guilds Page. Bailey Patchworkers is the latest addition and provides a new opportunity!
2019 Raffle Quilt Winner Kris Wilson
2019 Raffle Quilt Winner Kris Wilson

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Due to circumstances, please check with the guild about any meetings posted. It is an almost certainty that meetings will probably be cancelled until further notice.