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The Colorado Quilting Council board meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm at:

Clements Community Center
1580 Yarrow Street
Lakewood, CO

You are welcome to attend!

Mailing address:
Colorado Quilting Council
P.O. Box 295
Wheat Ridge, CO 80034-0295

Elected Officers

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Committee Chairs & Standing Committees:

  • Bookkeeper
    Sue Keck
  • Charity Quilt Project
    Betsy Stewart
  • Competition
    Margaret Arnot
    Ellen Palmer
  • Communications Coordinator (Newsletter, Eblasts, Website)
    Andrea Coyle
  • Corresponding Secretary
    Pat Macmillan
  • CQC Quilt Collections
    Betsy Stewart
  • Electronic / Social Media
    Megan Jewell
  • Event Coordinator / Door Prizes
    Open until filled
  • Exhibits
    Open Until filled
  • Games Manager
    Karen Brown
    Katie Melich
    Mary Rush
  • Gifts and Grants
    JaNelle Erickson
  • Hall of Fame
    Jean Ruger
  • Heritage
    Sue Halpern
  • Historical Documentation
    Chris Jacques
    Glenda Brown
  • Western Slope Historical Documentation
  • Library
    Carol Cook
  • Mystery Quilt
    Carol Cook

  • Newsletter Advertising
    Connie Mondy
  • Nominations
    Open until filled
  • Outreach
    Jackie Anderson
  • Parliamentarian
    Patty Joy
  • Photography
    Lori Emge
  • Property
    Mary Rush
  • Quilt-a-Fair
    Dawn Mills

    • Quilt-a-Fair Quilt Show
      Rhonda Kennedy
  • Quilt Trails
    Open until filled
  • Raffle Quilt & Tickets
    2020 - Kay Hefner
    2021 - John Scott Alden
  • Retreats
    Pam Ballard - Co-Chair for both

    • Fall Retreat
      Betty Andrews
    • Spring Retreat
      Katie Melich
  • Shirley Sanden Memorial Scholarship Fund
    Sue Keck
    Lucille Rypinski
  • Small Quilt Auction
    Betty Andrews
    Pam Ballard
  • Social Media
    Elizabeth Redabaugh
  • Ways and Means
    On Hiatus
  • Volunteer Recognition
    Nancy Currigan

Committee Descriptions:

  • Competition: Provide judges for quilt shows, county fairs and other exhibits as requested. Training for judges is available.
  • CQC Quilt Collection: Organize, maintain and inventory CQC’s quilt collection.
  • Exhibits: Locate places to have exhibits. Collect and hang quilts. Assist local groups with exhibits if asked.
  • Gifts and Grants: Receive and review requests for funds. Make a report to the Board with recommendations.
  • Hall of Fame: Receive recommendations of members for induction into Hall of Fame. Make selections according to bylaws.
  • Heritage: Prepare an annual scrapbook to record the heritage of CQC, including copies of the CQC newsletter, newspaper clippings, programs of related events, and photographs.
  • Historical Documentation: Document quilts, take photographs and record an oral history of quilts in different cities and towns. The goal is to document every quilt in Colorado, both old and new.
  • Hospitality: Procure facilities for regular meetings in different cities throughout Colorado. Distribute door prizes at meetings.
  • Library: Maintain, transport and distribute books and other resource material owned by the Council. Set up and staff a table at regular meetings.
  • Membership: Receive all membership forms and dues for the CQC members, maintain files on computer, provide member information upon request, prepare and print an annual roster, staff sign-in table at regular meetings, prepare and distribute new member packets.
  • Newsletter: Publish 11 issues a year. The committee includes writers, proofreaders, photographer, and others as needed.
  • Nominations: Provide a list of candidates for each office at the August meeting. Count ballots and present results at October meeting
  • Outreach: Receive recommendations to honor people who have made a significant contribution to quilting. Make selections according to bylaws.
  • Photography: Photograph all CQC show and tell, related events, archival preservation of photos, and display photo albums at meetings.
  • Program: Plan programs for general meetings and workshops. Contact teachers/lecturers, arrange for needs of same and introduce at the meeting. Involves contracts, transportation, accommodations, and meals.
  • Property: Maintain storage unit(s). Transport quilt racks, audio system, and other items needed to meetings.
  • Publicity: Advertise each month’s meeting. Mail to newspapers in the locale of meetings and to shops that advertise in the CQC newsletter.
  • Quilt-A-Fair: CQC fundraiser held annually in September. Numerous sub-committees like quilt show, registration, publicity, demonstrations, auctions, admissions, and hospitality.
  • Quilt Colorado: In even-numbered years, plan this educational event which features classes and lectures with national and Colorado teachers, a merchants mall, quilt show, etc.
  • Quilt Trails: Work with a committee to paint and install painted wooden blocks on businesses and at private residences.
  • Raffle Quilt: Oversee making a quilt each year.
  • Raffle Quilt Tickets: Sell raffle tickets at meetings and other events. Proceeds go to programs.
  • Retreat, Spring and Fall: Locate site and arrange for guest artist(s), both with Board approval. Plan weekend activities and accept registrations from members.
  • Volunteer Recognition: Receive and compile volunteer recognition forms. Order and distribute recognition pins.